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Class Descriptions

  • Puppy Star
  • Basic
  • Beyond Basic
  • Trickery Class
  • Competition Novice
  • Open
  • Intro to Novice
  • Agility
  • Canine Good Citizenship
  • Intermediate
  • Therapy Dog Prep Class
  • Rally Obedience
  • Conformation Handling
  • Canine Freestyle
  • Utility
  • Puppy Advanced
  • Calm Dog Class
  • Urban CGC
  • Foundation Shaping For Advanced Obedience
  • Heel Work to Music Plus
  • Beyond The Back Yard Designed by Denise Fenzi
  • Nose Games
  • Rally Master
  • Foundation Agility
  • Training the Formal Retrieve
  • Intro to Open

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program Brochure Get (pdf)

A course for puppies up to six months old. Emphasis is on socialization with people and other puppies, play training, housebreaking and other problem solving. The puppy is introduced to basic obedience commands including sit, down, come and walking on a leash. It is a program certified by the American Kennel Club as a precursor to the Canine Good Citizen with the main focus being Socialization, Training, Activity, and Responsibility. The owner and puppy must pass 20 test items to pass the course.

A basic obedience course for dogs over six months old. Emphasis is on walking on leash, heeling, coming when called, sit, stand, down, stay and house manners. Information on health, safety, grooming, and problem solving is included. This can be a first class for dogs, but is also a great refresher class for dogs that have been out of classes for a while.
Beyond Basic is for those individuals/dogs who have had Basic and want to continue training, but are not quite ready for competition classes. Pre-req: Basic (or comparable) class. Dogs must be well-behaved around other dogs and people. The class will work on firming up heeling, stays, recalls with distractions, as well as retrieve and carry, tricks, and certain Rally Obedience moves.
This is a beginning tricks class for those individuals who want to bond with their dogs and learn general training tips and specific tricks - spin, twirl, crawl, etc.
This is four week class and the class size is limited.
Designed for dogs and handlers that are planning a show career.
The emphasis will be not only on training the dogs to perform reliably but to teach THE HANDLER to be a better trainer. As well as covering the novice exercises in performance, emphasis will be on the rules of competition, and on the interaction with the judge.
This class is designed for those who wish to expand their dog's training to include retrieving, jumping and off leash work and to prepare for an AKC Companion Dog Excellent Title. Dog must have at least one qualifying score towards their Companion Dog title in order to join this class.
To familiarize the students with the requirements set forth in the AKC Regulations in regards to ring procedure, Principles of the exercises, proofing, and critique exercises in both the Beginner Novice and Novice Classes.
A class for a handler/dog team that has not previously done agility or wants a review of the basics. Obstacles such as the table, teeter, tunnel, weave poles and jumps will be introduced. Basic handling moves will be taught. A simple sequence will be done each week.
A training course designed to prepare the dog and owner to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizenship test. Emphasis is on the practical application of basic obedience commands in the home environment. For more information about CGC visit the AKC web site.
The Intermediate class is perfect for the dog who has completed a Basic class and would like to take their training to the next level.  This class is tailored to the students’ needs and may include, but not limited to, individual or group exercises that work on Stays, Recalls (with and without distractions), Heeling, Figure 8’s, Stands, and Sit for Exam.  Various exercises will be covered to lengthen the time & reliability of each exercise. 
A class designed to introduce individuals and their dogs to the world of therapy work. The class will work on covering the requirements of passing a therapy dog test as well as a CGC (Canine Good Citizen) test. You and your dog will learn tricks suitable for visits. Your dog should have good Basic skills - sit, down, stay and come. Should be friendly around other dogs/people and should not be noise sensitive.

Rally is fun for both the handler and dog. It helps the dog maintain focused attention and an enthusiastic attitude. It promises an enjoyable platform and fun and excitement for the dogs, owners and spectators. Rally incorporates the use of a series of numbered directional exercise signs to guide the dog and handler through the designated course. The dog and handler team heels from one sign to the next and performs the exercises indicated by each sign, until the course is completed.

We offer 3 levels of Rally Classes:

  • Beginning Rally
    This is a great class to take after a CGC, Intermediate or a Basic class. This class will teach you how to correctly complete each rally exercise/sign at the novice (beginning) level. All exercises are done on lead. The dog should be able to be walk nicely on a leash, and have the basic sit, down and stay commands (a recall would be nice but not necessary.

  • Intermediate Rally
    To take this class you must have a complete understanding of the Novice Rally signs and exercises.

  • Rally Practice
    This is class is for students who want to run through a novice rally course.  You should be familiar with the basic novice rally signs before taking this class.  This is an eight session class.

A class preparing the dog for performance in the breed show ring.
A class that combines the fun of training with music and choreography.
An advance class geared for those wishing to seek an AKC Utility Dog Title. Exercises include signal work, scent discrimination and directed retrieves and jumping.

Puppy Advance is for puppies that have completed the STAR Puppy Class (4 months to 10 months) or equivalent.  Your Puppy is like a sponge soaking up as much love and guidance from you as they can.  This class will strengthen on your basic commands sit, down, stay, heeling, while working around distractions along with rear end awareness. We will teach your puppy how to check-in when out on walks as well as having a solid recall with distractions. This is a great class to help prepare your puppy for the Canine Good Citizen, Beginning Rally or just your best friend you can take everywhere.

This class is limited to six (6) handlers/dogs.  It is an introduction to techniques that help to lessen reactivity in dogs.  You will be introduced to a set of techniques that can have a very positive effect on your dog’s ability to handle the world.  These techniques are useful for reactivity of various kinds, but perhaps most effective for fear aggression and environmental sensitivities.  This class will not cure your dog of its reactivity, but will help you/dog cope when out in the world.  Please bring lots of treats, preferable highly value treats (small cheese cubes work really well, chicken cut in cubes, salmon treats, etc.).  We suggest a light dinner as we want your dog to be ready to work.

The AKC Urban CGC class requires that the dog demonstrate CGC skills and beyond in an urban setting.  As with the CGC, AKC Urban CGC has a 10-step test of skills that dogs must pass to earn the official AKC Urban CGC title. This class will meet at various locations.

Topics we could cover - competition heeling, intro to the dumbbell, glove, scent articles (i.e., shape the hold), drop on recall, hand signals, go outs, conditioning work, attention games, etc. Dogs should have attended an Intermediate class, a CGC class or a Novice class. RDOC also offers special classes on occasion, including: Clicker training, Attention, Retrieving, Handling in the Obedience Ring, etc.
This class is based on heel-work to music plus the fun of some "doodling".  We will not only cover techniques to improve heeling and how to handle your dog but more importantly, turn heeling from a chore, that can be very stressful for both handler and dog, into something that is fun and creative. The teamwork you develop will carry over two other performance sports because you and your dog really learn how to read each other and work together.  There is no dancing, no costumes just learning to become one with your dog.
This class is for dogs and handlers that have prior obedience skills.  The dog must be at least one year of age or older with basic behaviors such as sit, stay, come, and loose leash walking if the person is holding a cookie.  This class is designed to teach you and your dog how to react towards distraction Beyond the Back Yard and the show ring. Your dog must possess a usable motivator (toys, food, praise, etc.) For the purpose of this class, we will use food.  If your dog is antisocial or fearful (to dogs or people) please do not consider this class unless you are an experienced handler with (Instructor discretion.) 
Dogs can detect odors at least 10,000 times better than humans, and smell is the primary way that dogs learn about the world.  This class will teach you how to play games that focus on your dog’s remarkable ability to distinguish smells. Scent work can provide exercise as dogs work to solve scent puzzles. It can also build confidence and focus in shy dogs and provide an alternative to destructive behavior in dogs who are bored.
The Rally Masters class is designed for the experienced Rally team who has an interest to pursue the next level. We will cover the Masters level regulations, all the Masters level signs, and techniques will be presented to train the team to perform them. Teams should be training at the Rally Excellent level.
Foundation Agility will familiarize the puppy / young dog to the basics of agility.  Starting with heeling on both sides, fronts, rears and blinds on the flat, tugging.  Introduction to movement, sending, recalls, sending around cones, basic 2 on-2 off, starting weaves.  Goal - teach the pups to be teachable, and the handlers to communicate on the canine level.

Part 1 - six weeks
Part one of training the formal retrieve will cover introducing the dog to the dumbbell, close work retrieves, teaching the hold, the give and delivering to hand.

For this class participants will need a correctly fitted dumbbell, or a six inch wooden dowel – 1 inch in diameter for large dogs 5/8 of an inch in diameter for smaller dogs. They will also need a six foot leash and a long line.

Part 2 - 6 week
Part two of this class will work on the reliability of the dogs retrieve. It will also concentrate on distance retrieves, retrieving of a object that has not been thrown and working around distractions.

This class will introduce trainers to the exercises required for the AKC CDX title. Includes retrieve, jumping and off-lead heeling.  Prerequisite:  Basic or Novice class.
What should I do now? NOTE: RDOC occassionally offers special classes such as Clicker Training, Attention, Retrieving, Handling in the Obedience Ring, and others.  

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