Richmond Dog Obedience Club----

Hello and Welcome to our Website.

The RDOC (Richmond Dog Obedience Club) has offered classes to the public for four decades. Our instructors and assistant instructors are enthusiastic volunteers who have knowledge about dogs and care about the owners. Each has been through an extensive apprenticeship program. They keep up to date on the latest techniques through reading, study and attending seminars and workshops. They are qualified to handle all breeds and to help you prevent or solve problems such as biting, barking, digging, jumping up on people, etc. They give freely of their time and talent because of a genuine concern and a goal of helping you to train your dog to become the best companion it can be.

By training your dog, you will gain confidence and satisfaction in your relationship with your dog. Your dog will develop into a good companion. You will have better behavior at home and be proud to take your dog places. Training will benefit your family, neighborhood and community. You will also learn health and safety tips. Also, some people train with us to learn how to compete with their dogs in the obedience show ring. Advanced classes will prepare you to earn titles offered by the American Kennel Club.

RDOC Dog Obedience Club believes that responsible dog obedience training is the key to a healthy relationship between owner and dog. Through modern, positive techniques, our classes produce dogs that are happy, reliable companions. By focusing on canine behaviors and animal psychology, we are able to help the owner use good training techniques, break bad behaviors, and solve canine problems.

Classes are held throughout the week in a spacious air-conditioned facility with plenty of paved, well lit parking. New sessions begin monthly. Our eight-week courses are designed for you to learn how to teach your dog during the week by practicing at home. All breeds and mixed breeds are welcome.

We offer a discount program for dogs from the SPCA or other humane shelters. You are welcome to visit and observe our classes anytime. We offer walk-in class registration Monday through Thursday between the hours of 6:30-8:30 PM, Friday 6-7PM. As in any all-volunteer organization, hours can be variable; please call if you need confirmation. Call the club at 278-9032 to inquire about weekend hours.